Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hormones --> [ Start ]

"Take the pink pill, and your allergies will mellow out for 24 hours.  Take the white pill, and see how far down the rabbithole you can go Alice"

Well I ordered a bottle.  Since my wife shares my amazon account, she sees everything I buy and vice versa (we have our own email addresses, but we share a prime account).  So what I ended up doing is sending myself (alternate email address) a prime invite (so I could still get free shipping), and ordered it through that account.  I wanted to down it right away, but I wasn't sure if I could (or should) take a whole pill.  I mean look at it, 150mg, that's a lot right?  Well reading blogs, I've heard some people take 800mg twice a day.  One 150mg pill can't hurt, right?  So after confirming I was pretty safe, I went ahead and took a pill.  Of course I don't feel any different, I don't expect to feel different for at least a week (if not more).  Heck, for all I know it does nothing (but it will probably have some effect one me).

I was thinking about ordering more than one bottle, but this is sort of my test run.  If I feel like this is something I'm going to continue with, it won't be long before my wife goes out of town again and I can order then.  I could also have it shipped to work.  I mean not like anyone cares about a box coming from Amazon, and even if it somehow got opened by our shipping department all I would have to say is that my wife must have accidentally clicked on the wrong address when she checked out.