Monday, January 4, 2016

squeezed crossdressing this past last weekend

So between new years party, visiting family, and my wife's work party, I decided Saturday night I was going to put on acrylic nails.  I didn't even hesitate, I said "we're not going anywhere tomorrow right?  Why... Because I'm going to put on some acrylic nails", and as usual she was fine with that.  I had bought a few pairs off ebay from china that were pretty cheap.  One was really cute that looked like watermelon, but I discovered that not only did they not stick very well, by the 3rd nail it ended up splitting (clearly these were made for little girls).  I pulled them all off since one nail was already ruined and went to my backup french manicure set.  I also bought some brush on adhesive since I was getting sick of the adhesive strip versions popping off after only a couple hours.  I was a little nervous about going that permanent, but I read that if you put on a coat of clear it'll help prevent chunks of the real nail from peeling off.  Here's a link to the adhesive if you're interested:

So I went to bed with my nails on, tried the masterbation thing like I've done in the past, didn't really do much for me.  Next morning I woke up, and shortly after my wife asks me if I'm going to dress today.  I replied "mayybe", which in reality when I say it that way means yes.  Rather than going down, she waits for me.. for a bit.  She offers to help me with my makeup, but the last couple of times didn't seem to go well (or am I just really picky how I like my makeup?).  After about 20 minutes of fumbling around, realizing my mascara was gone (had it gone bad and I threw it out thinking I was going to order a new tube?), my wife said she was going to head down because the dogs were getting ancy.  I spent the next hour getting ready, thinking in my mind "Oh great, she'll use this against me when she gets ready".  I think that statement is really unfair because men have to work twice as hard to look good as a woman, especially the stature that I have.  I was getting pretty frustrated too because lately my allergies have been acting up which is odd for wintertime (watering eyes + eye makeup is a bad combo).  Combine that with the powder over the foundation enhancing the wrinkles under my eyes, and I was not a happy camper.  It's sad when you look better without makeup than with on, so I rubbed away as much of the powder under my eyes as I could.  It's honestly making me seriously think about getting some wrinkle cream, whether it works or not is another question.

So after finally getting dressed up I headed downstairs.  I first started to make some coffee and realized I had lost a nail on one of my pinky fingers.  It must have fallen off while getting ready, and sure enough I found it on the bathroom floor.  Put some more glue on, reattached in no time.  I had my wife take a photo of me to send to her co-worker in another state.  I know that sounds weird, but her co-worker also does drag on the side.  I always like getting feedback, and who better to ask than a drag queen?  So I went about my day, mostly watching TV.  It's hard to find activities that you can do while all dolled up.  Finally I got tired of not being able to even type, so at some point I ended up taking nail clippers and shortening them to a reasonable length (but still look like manicured nails).  It helped but wasn't ideal.  Finally around 8pm I knew I had to start dressing down, so I started with cleaning all my makeup off.  Then it was time for the nails, quite frankly I was a little scared.  I dunked the my thumb in a bottle of acetone for a minute or so, not peeling off.  I grabbed a pair of wire cutter, grabbed onto the tip, and slowly curled it off the nailbed.  2nd nail, repeat, go to peel it, nail snaps off.  Try again with the other side, snap again.  My worst fear has come true, I have part of an acrylic nail stuck to my nail.  I can't go to work like this tomorrow, would I have to pull out my dremel and sand through all the acrylic until I got back to the real nail?  I shoved a bottle opener under one of the edges, and finally "POP", it comes off.  The rest of the nails weren't quite as bad as that, but they were all pretty difficult to get off.  I suppose that's the price you pay for having strong nails that don't pop off.