Tuesday, March 8, 2016

On that self pleasure cycle again..

I haven't dressed in 2 months, been keeping my feelings at bay.  I don't know if I'd call it negative, I'd call it a cycle.  It does bring out some creativity (I tend to write stories), but it also masks the deep rooted issues I have in my head.  I did have a slight urge the other day even after the deed, and I had hope my wave was returning, but it faded away again.  I had a moment while in a meeting at work this morning.  One of my co-workers is a little, prissy we'll say.  Not in a negative way, she's just very well groomed and dressed.  I noticed her nails matched her gray top, and for some reason I really focused on it.

Something clicked in my brain about color matching, and it took me a while to process it.  As a kid (a boy to be more specific), I think we all were jealous of those kids that had the bmx bikes with the plastic wheels that matched the color of the bike frame.  If you had colored tires, you were really rockin it.

Then I was reminded of how cars of the 80's often had hubcaps or powder coated mag wheels that color matched the rest of the car.  The chevy beretta was the most common car that did this.

These objects were the few exceptions where men had the option of color matching (short of the swatch watch era).  Then my mind wandered further and started remembering that scene in the total recall movie where the secretary had digital nails, and she could change the color of her nails just by tapping them.
 Total recall nails YOUTUBE

Realizing that we don't have this technology, I also realized that my co-worker probably had to plan out color matching her nails.  In other words, she probably picked out a color to paint her nails the night before, and chose a top that matched them.  Not like she could wake up and go "yep, going to paint my nails to match this top before I go to work!"