Friday, May 11, 2018

Projection daydreaming

I might have talked about this before.. For example if there's a female driving the same car you're driving (or used to drive), you fantasize that you're that girl behind the wheel, and it feels real because you can easily picture yourself as the girl since the car is familiar.  This popped into my head the other day.  A vendor was visiting the office, not a bad looking woman.  After she was done talking to me, I suggested she go talk to the manager that sits in an office just outside my cubicle.  He has a giant window in his office, so you can easily see who's visiting him.  When I got up to get coffee she was still in there talking to him, and it hit me.  I've stood in that spot many times, what if I was her.  It was really fun imagining I was her.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

nails nails nails

So I ordered like 4-6 sets of french manicure nails off ebay (slow boat from china).  They will probably be a little flimsy like the last ones I wore, but they look decent for the cheap price they are ($1.50 shipped).

So though I do have lots of other nail sets still (red, deep wine, rainbow), I also have a bag of plain white nails I got a good price on as well.  It was 600 nails for $2.68 shipped.

I'm guessing because I only use 5 of those sizes, assume that gets cut in half.  Still, 30 sets of nails for that price?  That means each nail set only costs 9 cents, or just under a penny per nail.  Now obviously you wouldn't want to wear them like this, but polish is cheap (and I have some), and it's probably good practice I paint my own nails.  Decided to put the thumb on tonight and try my luck.  I tried to do my own french nail, but when you drag the brush along slowly you get a horrible surface finish because you're dragging paint that has started to dry.  I decided to start over and simply put on about 3 coats of light pink polish over the whole nail, came out pretty decent with some shine