Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Aliexpress - not worth it

So made an order about a month ago.  Items slowly came in.  Now unlike ebay (where they attempt to convert sizes and be honest), aliexpress is so confusing.  So took a chance on 3 items:

1. Couple pairs of hosiery
2. Couple pairs of leggings
3. Pair of heels

Now to start off, hosiery.  Now I specifically ordered "plus size" thinking I'll have no problem fitting right?  Well they made them big enough, but they were SO short.  I know heights can vary, but I've never had an issue stretching them to fit me.

Next, the leggings.  Now keep in mind I CANNOT find these for sale anywhere else.  I can find faux jean leggings (sorta), none of them have flower prints on them.  I won't say I can't get them on, but they are really tight (but at least they are tall enough).  Still on the fence about keeping them.  Now granted they say 65cm waist width (which would be 25.5"), but I assume that meant like across, not the circumference.  But then it also says 95cm relaxed?  What the hell is the difference?

Finally, the shoes.  They have a really big selection of heels, especially "large" ones.  So I found this pair:

I ordered size 17, thinking that would be US size.. Nope.  If you go the chart, 17 = 44.5 euro, which if you back convert is like a size 10.5 mens.  I wear a size 14-15 mens, so of course these didn't come close to fitting me.  The largest size they carry is 20, which compares to about a 12.5.

Bottom line, don't get enticed by their low prices and cheap or free shipping unless you are really small and willing to take the risk of things fitting.