Thursday, December 13, 2018

Do men miss nylons?

So as I've discussed before (like many of us), I'm a member on fetlife.  So there's this one dude in my area that keeps making the same post in our group, that he'd like to worship a transgender girl's legs covered in nylons.  I didn't think much of it, I mean everyone has their favorite body part.  Some like boobs, some like asses, some like legs.  Then I get a friend request from a totally different person, and in his profile he says he's looking for a pantyhose princess.  More specifically, he likes sheer hose (no fishnets), no panties.. a skirt and some nice heels.  Now I'll admit, I do LOVE a nice looking pair of legs with hose and heels.  But from my perspective it's a bit different since I do dress up from time to time and can fulfill that need.

So is this a growing trend?  Both users are in their late 40's (so they would have grown up in the 80s when hosiery, skirts and heels were everywhere).  I think many men miss this look.  You look at how most women are dressed, it's yoga pants and sneakers if it's casual.  If it's business it's probably pants/blouse and low heeled shoes.

For the record, I think being with a straight man is weird enough.  Having someone worship my legs would feel a bit weirder somehow.  While I get the objectifying aspect, it seems double fold when they are seeking a transgender, and also want to focus on a specific body part.