Thursday, April 3, 2014

been in a real funk

This winter has been absolutely brutal, and it's really taken it's toll on me.  I know, 90% of America has felt the affects of polar vortex's, but living in Chicago it meant 3 weeks of -30 temperatures and over 70 inches of total snowfall (it's been above freezing for 2-3 weeks now and there is STILL some snow sitting on the ground where snow banks got 6-7 feet high).  It's taken it's toll on my body causing me to stress eat and managed to put 40-50 pounds back on.  Because I feel bloated and clothes don't quite fit like they used to, I feel less attractive (and therefore I've lost my urge to crossdress).  I guess I can finally empathize how women feel when they fight with weight loss.

Well my wife is in the same boat, so she's taken drastic action by signing up for one of those healthy eating plans where they premake the food and drop it off at your front door (fresh not frozen).  She's going to stick to it for a month or two just to get her used to reduced portions again.  Because it's not cheap ($700/month, or $10/meal, effectively like eating out every meal), she's doing it alone and I'm sticking to oatmeal in the mornings, soup/salad for lunch, and a bigger salad for dinner.  I'm also doing at a minimum 5 minutes of walk/sprints on the treadmill every morning, as well as some stretching yoga on an exercise ball.  They say yoga doesn't help you lose weight necessarily, but it does make you aware of your body and encourages you to want to make healthy choices when you realize how stiff and weak your body really is (something you don't realize when day in day out all you do is get up, eat/sleep/work).

So since I don't really even fit in my current female wardrobe, even though I'm slowly coming out of my funk and the urges are slowly coming back, I still made a purchase (though they will always fit).  I've always wondered what I would look like with glasses, so I decided to buy some fake female glasses:

They're really pretty, I just hope my wife doesn't give me flack for wanting to wear them.  She already gives me flack sometimes when she's frustrated with womenly tasks like shaving and periods, asking me "You sure you want to be a woman?".  I can already picture her saying "You should see how fun glasses are when you have to wear them all the time and they get dirty and scratched".

I mean my intent isn't to make fun of people that have to wear glasses, I just think glasses can sometimes be a nice accessory as much as jewelry is.  The one actress that really pulls this off is penelope from criminal minds.  Not only does she accessorize to the nines, she has like 3 dozen different glasses so that she can match the color to her outfits