Monday, February 26, 2018

Ever see women's clothing you want really bad but can't find it?

I'm the queen of finding things.  Obscure movies, music, etc..  With enough googling search terms, I eventually find what I'm looking for.

I often find that with clothing I strike out a lot.  Either I don't know what style something is, or it's something very specific and even with searching that person's name I can't find any information on it.

First example:
This SNL parody of oprah (I've seen it on other celebrities) is some sort of criss-cross cut.. I have no idea what it's called but I want one:

Then there's Sara Blakely who's the founder of Spanx and shows up on Shark Tank pretty much every single time with this adorable pink top:

I'm sure this one is even harder to find because either:
A. It's really fucking expensive.. like worth as much as my car expensive
B. It's an original designed exclusively for her and nobody will ever have one like it.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

men hate straws

So I was listening to the morning radio this week, and somehow it got on the conversation of straws and how men don't use them.  The female co-host didn't understand.   The male co-host said it was because it looked feminine, and perhaps it looks phalic like a man eating a banana.  I remember as a kid (when I would have to tag along with my dad to bars) how adamant he was about throwing away straws in my cola.  He never really explained it to me, but sort of hinted at it being "fruity" without being very clear.  So I looked it up and found this video that sort of confirms all of the above.  I found it interesting that this is a thing, and that I don't really care what people think of me if I use a straw.

Monday, February 19, 2018

crossdressed 2 weekends in a row

So the previous weekend on Sunday afternoon I did some grocery shopping, then I decided to message my wife that I was going to crossdress.  For some reason even though my wife COMPLETELY accepts this, I feel like it's only fair to warn her.  I decided to be cute and temporarily change my bitmoji avatar to be female.  Also warning her seems to make it less awkward and less to explain when I come home and say "I'm going upstairs to get dressed".  Even though it was the day before a workday, I went through the trouble of doing makeup.  Put on my favorite top with the winged sleeves, and the black pants with lace bottoms.  I also wore my lace hose which my wife said was overkill of lace.  She doesn't quite understand that people like me like to go overboard (plus I don't have a whole lot of bottom choices).  Then the inevitable "wipe all my makeup off and not leave a trace left" task came at hand.

Fast forward to this past weekend, we had to go down to visit family on Saturday morning.  When we got back and settled in, I decided to start by attaching false nails.  They were french style with a black lace design at the tips.  I had ordered new nail glue from amazon previous in the week and was anxious to try it out:

I applied the minimum amount of glue at first, just enough to keep it on but perhaps be easier to pop off.  Even though acetone can break down glue, I always worry it's not going to penetrate (or I'm going to be soaking my fingers for a half hour).  Well my technique wasn't cutting it, some were already falling off.  So I thought "Well screw it, let's really apply this stuff like I want them to stay.  Worse case scenario I'm soaking for a long time, or I'm pulling the dremel out and grinding these nails off.  My wife had mentioned that she might want to get her nails done on Sunday and maybe get her vehicle washed.  Visions of "Do I dare go with her and leave my nails on" entered my head.  Anyway, after I had my nails on I went over to my wife and showed her, and said with a smile "Got any itches need scratching?"  She then asked if I was going to dress, to which I said "Of course".  This time I forgo the makeup, but put on my polka dot dress on this time.  She said she had never seen it before and really liked it.  She mentioned I should try getting a dress on modcloth, but I prefer my chinese stores.  So one other thing I wanted to do was fix the jumpsuit I had bought which lost a button on the back.  This was going to be challenging sewing with long nails on.  My wife asked if she wanted me to do that since I had nails on, I said I was ok.  Not only did I chose to fix this with nails on because I wanted to see what a challenge it was, but because sewing is construed as a very female activity.  As I started to get into it, a very calming and warm feeling came over me.  I was getting used to dealing with the nails, and it felt so right.  I even told my wife that I felt really good.  At one point (as she often does) she commented how jealous she is that I can wear lace hosiery.  My wife is plus size, but even if she lost a bunch of weight she's been cursed by bad genes and thick legs.  She has a really hard time wearing any sort of hosiery or tights without it bunching up or tearing.  I suppose all is fair in life, I'm jealous she was born as the right gender.. Even though my wife can be quite the tomboy, I've asked her and she never seems to want to be a dude.  I mean maybe she would like all that comes with being a male "higher pay, respect, not dealing with an inny (vagina)", but she doesn't seem to have any gender disphoria.

So my nails were really staying on well, in fact a few times my nail got jammed and it pulled on my real nails which hurt.  The typical things like opening tupperware, opening cans, pulling the recessed lever on the lazyboy chair.  I went to bed that night, and while my wife fell asleep I decided to play with myself a bit.  I started by rubbing the outside of my panties.  I don't know if this is a common thing with crossdressers, but the feeling of lace rubbing against my cock feels REALLY good, especially with long nails rubbing across it.  I didn't go all the way, but I got really hard.  I went to sleep and woke up the next morning, no lost nails.  The dogs always go a little crazy in the morning, they have an issue where they want to lick everything (bed, arms, etc).  We try to snuggle the best we can, but they always want to be in-between us.  She tells me to take them potty and then put them in their crates.  I go back upstairs and we snuggle for a little, and we start playing around.  I tell her I want her to tease me with my panties still on which feels great.  She too has been getting her nails done lately which she hasn't done for a long time.  After I do the deed, I think "Well, I've lost the urge to dress now".  Just then she asks me "Are you still going to dress today?" to which I answer yes because I don't want her to think this is just a fetish, and I too don't want to believe that.  I put on something more casual, and we both do some cooking.  Unfortunately, my nails start to pop off.  I thought about re-attaching them, but I don't want fresh glue this late in the game.  I slowly pop them off throughout the morning until only a couple are left.

So I guess the one good thing is I found a glue that is strong, yet doesn't last.  This is exactly what people like me are wanting.  Something that holds strong and allows me to experience long nails, but not be so strong that I'm not going to get them off for a week.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

chaturbate part 2

So I'm finding myself on this site more.  Sometimes to do the deed, sometimes just curious how the girls look and dress.  While there are a TON of girls from 3rd world countries like columbia (not surprising there are transgender girls that are likely not working because of the way they are treated there), there are some in the states.  Many don't talk, they just type in chat and wait for viewers to tip.. sometimes they annoyingly spam the chat window about tipping, and what they can receive if they tip a certain amount.  Honestly I'm amazed there isn't some sort of minimal tipping after a short preview because it's really easy to sit anonymously in a room and watch a free show.  The big thing with this channel is the girls can buy what's effectively a dildo that can be activated by tips (and various levels depending on the size of tip).    I popped into one room and almost immediately I was PM'd by the transgender girl and asked verbally in a rather aggressive way what I was looking for.  I don't know if she was in a bad mood, or she was getting frustrated not getting paid for her time.  I say if you put on a good show, the audience and money will follow.  I've been hitting the follow button on girls I find interesting, or attractive.  Many girls are on several days a week, some are only on one night a week.  This was one of the girls that was on last night that was very pretty.  Had it not been for her cock you would never know she was transgender:

Honestly one thing it's done is perhaps make me perhaps feel the guilt I should be having watching porn.  They talk about exploitation, which I never believed in.  You choose that path.  In this case, they are certainly choosing (they setup their own channel, choose when to go on, etc).  However, there's a big difference between watching a pre-recorded video (what's done is done), and watching a live feed (and on top of it, practically begging for money).  At the same time, I feel like what other outlet do I have?  If it weren't for media like this, how else would I fantasize about crossdreaming?