Tuesday, November 15, 2016

handjob fixation

I've been noticing lately that after I've done the deed (perhaps twice).. perhaps twice, then again in 12 hours (I'm empty, I'm sore, I've binged) that I'll still crave masturbation.  And because I can't fill that need, sometimes I find that my mind wanders into the fantasy of giving handjobs.  I'm not horny, but I want to stroke a cock.  I suppose it makes sense, orgasms release endorphins, so naturally my body starts craving it even if I can't provide.  It's sort of like when you've eaten, you're full.. and for some reason you get a craving to eat (usually sugar or salt), and you go "huh?  body, I'm full.. this is why you're fat!".  You can't blame your body, both sugar and salt are addictive additives.  So what do you do?  You could chew some food and spit it out (yuck), or do what many of us do, chew gum.  It satisfies that chewing without taking in calories.  If only there was a gum version of masterbating.