Monday, September 5, 2016

could LGBTQ be nature's way of balancing things?

So I finished up season 2 of "wayward pines", and the big impact with me is how they chose half the town's population that would be saved in the cryogenic tubes based on who was the most worthy and strong.  People left behind included the mother of the leader who was unable to bear children.  Another one left was the gay school boy because.. well he's gay, and he also won't procreate.

I get that aspect, you're trying to make the human race survive, so they need to maximize children to repopulate a world full of abbies that want us dead because they are the next generation.  Think about today, we live in a world where on average the population doubles every 38 years, and we are currently at 7.4 billion people (which is estimated to be 11 billion by 2100).  When you look at the stats for how many people in each country, it's amazing to think that more than 1/3 is the population of just China and India alone (USA ranks number 3 with just 324 million people).  Obviously the worry of over populating the earth is not having enough food for everyone.  Over-fishing, over-farming, injecting livestock with hormones to make them grow faster, putting out lower quality food as a result.  Nature always tries to balance itself.  If there are too many people, somehow by magic murders and diseases tend to go up.  One could argue that the gay community is nothing more than nature's way of reducing how many children we have (and perhaps, adopting orphans that would otherwise grow up and end up committing crimes from having a rough childhood that is unloved).  So while the homophobic community might have issues with our community, they should be grateful we are helping to balance the population.