Wednesday, July 20, 2016

dressing for a good reason

So I masturbated this morning in the shower.  I thought for sure getting the sexual tension out of me would put off my transgender side for a while.  Have had a stressful month with things going on in my life.  The last week things have been slowly turning around, and then today one of them reared it's ugly head back just when I thought my stress was gone for good.  Came home, did a couple quick things online, opened up a package of lashes I ordered from ebay china a few weeks ago that came in the mail.  It was a bargain, something like a dozen for $3-4?  Most lashes have soft lines that make it difficult to attach, these were cheap but in a good way.  The line was slightly hard, which meant it kept it's shape pretty well.  I pulled out my eyelash glue and went to town, and have to say these stay pretty well in place and feel good (has a nice upcurl).  So of course once I went down that road, I kept going.  Add some eyeshadow, put on a wig, add some earrings, continue dressing.  Wife came home in the middle, I yell down I'm dressing.  It's been hot this week, so I opted against the dress and just wore my women's tan shorts and brown lace top to stay cool.  After we finish leftovers from last night for dinner, my wife asks if I'm still hungry.  Of course I am, and as usual she suggests an order from the local dominos to which I reply no.  Her having knee issues, I'm usually the one getting up to get things, and in this case I'd be the one getting up to answer the door.  For a moment, I actually thought about whether I would ever have the guts to dress up and answer the door.  I mean most of the dominos employees are actually pretty friendly, and it would be an interesting experience.  I said out loud "Mayyybe if I wasn't dressed so hap-hazardly I would actually consider it".  And I honestly think if I keep dressing and getting some practice, I might be up for it.

So back to the (I'm the one getting up all the time because my wife has knee issues).  Lately I'm on this kick to put together a 50's housewife outfit like I said in my last post.  Not to push the point of "Well I guess I'm the one that wears the skirt in this relationship", but more of "Well if I'm going to be stuck doing the wife duties, I might as well dress the point and embrace that fantasy".  So seriously, I'm browsing through images, ebay, google stores.. I have a few cute dresses picked out.  Of course they're real dresses not costumes because they don't make any authentic looking ones in plus sizes.  I want to get a white maid apron.  Not frilly, just a plain white cotton apron.  I want to get a 50's style wig.  I want a pearl necklace with large pearls (sorta rocky horror-esque).  I may opt for some new heels, yellow dish gloves, the whole sha-bang.  I'm certain when I put it all together and dress up my wife will wonder what inspired me to dress like that, and I'll just be honest with her.

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  1. Oh, hun, get a cute little swing dress, toss some petticoats under it, and some 'sensible' high heels and go to town! It sounds like a great way to live it up and a blast!