Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Is gender dysphoria worse the further you get away from womanhood?

Been thinking about this more lately.. I think we all have this idea of what a textbook woman looks like.  Blonde, about 5 foot tall, skinny, boobs, sultry voice, long nails, high heels.  This isn't what every woman looks like, this is more of a character.  You could do the same for a man.  So two things I've struggled ALL my life are that I'm really tall (6'5"), and I have really big feet (size 14 mens).  Since crossdressing is often a coping mechanism, this makes it very challenging if not impossible in some aspects.  I can wear dresses sure, but even if it's long sleeve, it ends up looking like a partial sleeve (and never mind waist to chest ratio).  Then there's the shoes.  Yes, fortunately today we live in a world where we can order heels up to size 17 off the internet.. And they are mostly hooker heels for the most part.  Not bad if you're dressing up at home or I suppose an event, but if you ever had plans of dressing like other women (which is typically comfortable shoes like wedge heels, strappy sandals and the like), you're SOL.  I can't even find women's sneakers for that matter.  So much in fact that one day I decided I wanted to have female workout gear when I ran on the treadmill at home, so I bought a pair of generic white men's sneakers and took out my sharpies and colored them in pinks and purples.  Did they look like real women's shoes?  Not really, but they were close enough for the illusion I suppose.

Now I'm in my early 40's, that zone where the testosterone really starts to take it's toll, and you start to ponder herbal HRT to have some hope of holding back nature.  I still don't look bad, in fact I crossdressed last week and it was enjoyable, but there's always that ticking clock in the back of your head.

The other thing I've been looking into is male chastity.  Not for the usual reasons (which I would assume I like being submissive), though I suppose submissiveness and trying to play the female role sort of go hand in hand.  Part of me wonders if being trapped would be something I would enjoy, the other part is I wonder if I really need chastity in my life.  So many times I try to embrace my feelings, but I quickly do the deed to rid those thoughts and feelings.  I think a lot of us ignore our feelings, and just try to get by another day while we die inside a little more.  If I was forced to deal with them, maybe I could learn more about myself.  I've looked on amazon, they aren't that expensive.  I think one set I looked at is like $18.  My worry, or discomfort is watching videos of putting them on makes me squeamish.   While I'm ok with having a cock between my legs, I HATE my balls.  It's sort of weird to think of it that way, you would think they'd go hand in hand.  I hate them being touched, I hate looking at them.  Maybe it's because I had bad experiences as a kid when I racked them, not really sure.  Anyway, the thought of having to grab my sack, and sliding them through a ring makes me nautious.  Fortunately, some of them don't require this, they hinge open which means I just have to clamp it in the back.  I don't want to commit to purchasing one, so I'm actually 3d printing one as I type this from a model I found on thingiverse (isn't the internet interesting?)

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