Monday, April 1, 2019

social media accounts crosslinked - my biggest fear

So I'm starting to subscribe to more transgender videos on my alternate transgender gmail account.  I came across this video that quite frankly spooks me (though the video itself is adorable as it's a transexual girlfriend dating a guy that it would seem has come out as genderfluid).

Anyway, he talks about how he made an alternate Instagram account, and because of the way the algorithm works it makes suggestions of "people you may know".  And since apparently he posted photos of himself in his house, one friend recognized who it was, and told other friends, who told other friends, and before he knew it he was outed.

Now myself, I'm basically on 4 social media accounts that I'm active on:
Facebook (I attempted to make a female persona account, but I knew better because of what facebook is trying to achieve so I gave up on it)
Instagram - I only have one account as my male self
Snapchat - I only have one account as my male self
Twitter - I have my main male account (which I'm rarely ever on any more), I have a specific hobby account that I only follow relevant hobby people/companies, and then I have my female persona twitter account.

Now I will say for the last one, I do in my feeds see suggestions to other people, and I'm guessing that if I see those other people do too.  Since I rarely tweet from either of my male accounts, and twitter seems so dead these days, and even if you WERE active most people don't seek out new random people they don't know, I feel fairly safe.  I suppose if someone really wanted to sleuth me out and figure out that I had a female persona, I would hope most of my friends would accept that part of me.

Getting back to the video though, it is interesting that he says most of his friends "accepted it", however they don't want to know about it or hear about it.  Btw, without clicking try to guess which one is the genderfluid male:

I'm guessing if he worked on his voice, he could be very passable in public.

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