Thursday, March 7, 2019

breastform experiment - 3d print?

So I won't say I'm unhappy with my breastforms.. I mean at $92 how can I?  I do not however like dealing with the seams (both arms and neck), I don't like how unmatched the color is to my own skin (may fix that if I can figure out silicone painting), and it's still getting warm underneath (and the weather is currently 25 degrees Fahrenheit), I can only imagine how much warmer it's going to feel when it's summer.  I literally have a small blister in one area from how warm it got.  So what are the alternate options?

1. I can buy a cheap set of breastforms that looks like silicone that's been literally vacuum sealed for like $40
2. I can buy slightly better ones for like $150 that have decent silicone material, but they are also very unrealistic looking since they are molded in only 1-2 colors
3. Go all the way and spend $1200 on the best breastforms money can buy:

My issue with the last one (yes they look amazing with their imperfect skin and feathered edges that blend into the skin nicely) is not only price, but if you pick the wrong skin tone (or you say.. get tan during the summer), it aint going to match.  Sure, maybe I can use makeup to blend it in, but I don't want this hassle.  So I'm seriously thinking about 3d printing my own breastforms just to mess around.  Yes they will be hard plastic (though I can technically print to a rubber material), but they will also cost me less than a dollar each in material to print (5 hours each).  I studied what shape breastforms have, and essentially it looks like a raindrop cut in half.. Soooo, I went ahead and modeled one:

If I want them to look decent, I will likely have to fill in the layer lines with bondo (or at the very least try to fill with a good primer), but here's one good thing about plastic... I have an airbrush system, I can get the skintone to my liking with plain acrylic paint.  It'll be a neat project for me, and looking through thingiverse there doesn't seem to be anything up there like this.. before you say "well of course, they are boobs", you would be amazed at what's up there.  You can print dildos, chastity cock cages, naked female models, etc etc.  I probably won't upload this simply because too many people have my thingiverse address (unless maybe I create an alternate TG account).

As far as applying this to my chest, typically you use a spray adhesive to attach breastforms that run about $30.  I did find this 4 oz bottle of medical adhesive with really good reviews for only $12 on amazon:

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