Saturday, March 2, 2019

I bought a butt - a review

From Aliexpress of course:

So this is basically the same seller, same medical silicone that stretches like crazy just like the boobs I bought.  This was on sale for $190 when I bought them (I notice that aliexpress sellers fluctuate prices a lot).  As with most of these silicone products, it's usually a good idea too wash them down with soap as they outgas during molding, and this is getting attached to a rather sensitive area of your body.

So right off the bat, the hips and butt were not as wide as I would have liked.  It does add a little bit, but not like the photo is showing (perhaps if I had a smaller frame it would be more proportionate).  It does seem to pull in your stomach a bit, though the top does want to roll down when you bend over.  I opted for the urination pouch.  Yes, you stick your penis in, and you're supposed to be able to urinate through the clit.  At first when I started to push, I noticed that precum was pushing out at first, even making a bubble at first.  Apparently wearing this was turning me on, but it's hard to tell because you aren't getting a boner wearing this.  Now I gotta say it is not easy pushing urine.  I don't know if I have to retrain my brain, or there's so much gap between the end of my penis and the outhole that I'm having to fill that pocket of air with urine before it pushes out.  Ideally they should have narrowed it down to a thinner tube so it's more like your body's urine tube instead of a hose.  Also if you have any gas, you will feel that bubble travel up your back.

So I went to bed with both this and my boobs on (both a first).  I have to say laying down you REALLY feel what it's like to have a female body.  You have your boobs propping you up as you lay on your side, and you feel nothing down below.  It's interesting to put your hand down there and feel no penis, but feel a clit (even if it's fake).  Two things that weren't comfortable with the butt at all:
1. The silicone is really warm, blankets making it worse.  You may even get heat rash in some areas.
2. The hips (even being soft silicone) don't give like your body does, and even though I have a foam mattress it starts to dig in a little bit when you're lying on your side.  I eventually had to pull them off at 5am when the dogs woke us up.

So should you buy a pair?  I'd say absolutely yes.  Cross dressing is one thing, but there is no feeling like your body having a new shape with butt, hips, flat front, and boobs sticking out and making your clothes look correct.  There's also something to feeling aroused and not having it get ruined by a boner.  It's a feeling I can't describe, but it just feels more right.  That feeling was more real when cum was dripping from my clit making me warm down there.

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